Four Corners Health Care
About Us

We strive to meet your health care needs!

Four Corners Health Care is one of the nations leading providers of home care for EEOICPA/RECA beneficiaries. We are a family based company whose roots run deep within the mining industry.

Being a predominant mining family during the uranium industries’ prime, we continue to deal with the affects of the sickness years later. These experiences give us a unique perspective in providing superior care to our patients. The same quality of care we would give to our family is the same care given to each of our patients dealing with the lasting ill affects of the uranium industry.

We strive to meet your health care needs while understanding the emotional toll placed upon the uranium workers and their families. By combining a well trained and experienced staff with the compassion that can only come from our first hand personal experience, we set the industry standard for unmatched health care. It is this premise that has led to our rapidly expanding company. We know you will feel the difference.